Doz. Dr. Herwig Pokorny

As a surgeon, I have focused in particular in the treatment of abdominal wall hernias and perform all open and laparoscopic operation methods for the “made to measure” surgical care of the individual patient.

After conservative treatments are exhausted, the treatment of the “athlete’s groin” involves operative therapy through application of the minimally invasive technique of placing a synthetic mesh in the area of the groin. As a specialist for vascular surgery, I offer individual therapy concepts with dilatation PTA, stent implantation (inner splint with a metal lattice), bypass operation or combinations of both methods.


Specialized in the use of minimally invasive (so-called “key-hole”) techniques for:
  • Athlete’s groinG
  • Groin and abdominal wall hernias
  • Scar and diaphragm hernias
  • Gall stone issues
  • Ailments of the large intestine
  • Hemorrhoids


Operative treatment of:
  • Narrowing of the carotid artery (carotid stenosis)
  • Enlargement of the abdominal artery (Aortic Aneurysms)
  • Vascular obliteration of pelvic and leg vessels (arterial obstructive disease)
  • Venal ailments (varicose veins)
  • Placement of dialysis shunts

Training and scientific work

  • Medical University Vienna: Medical Doctorate
  • Medical University Vienna: Diploma, general surgery
  • Medical University Vienna: Diploma, general practitioner
  • Medical University Vienna: Venia Docendi (habilitation) for surgery
  • Diploma for vascular surgery
  • University courses in hospital management (Medical Managers) at the Danube University Krems
  • European College of Transplantation in Stockholm/Groningen
  • 22ndInternational Gastrointestinal Laparoscopic Surgery Workshop in Davos
  • European Vascular Workshop in Pontresina
  • Laparoscopic Surgery IRCAD Strasbourg
  • Lectures and chairmanships at international and national congresses, scientific meetings, continuing education and training sessions
  • QM appointee of the surgical department of the Wiener Neustadt Provincial Hospital, ISO - certification 9001:2008
  • Member of the Quality-Enforcement Commission of the Wiener Neustadt Provincial Hospital
  • Professional Society of Austrian Surgeons - representative of the staff surgeons
  • Tutor, postgraduate course for laparoscopic surgery - Medical University Vienna
  • Lecturer - Medical University Vienna
  • Lecturer - Professional Society of Austrian Surgeons
  • 38 publications in journals with peer review
  • 15 first and 23 co-authorships
Appointments by telephone at: 0680/4051375
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