Dr. Miroslav Skrobal

Our skin is constantly subjected to a variety of different environmental influences.

My practice places great value on preventative measures to keep your skin healthy and vital; this applies particularly to skin cancer prevention. Our diagnoses make use of the most up-to-date methods, and we offer a broad spectrum of therapeutic measures – including operative therapy.
  • digitally supported mole control
  • skin cancer prevention and therapy
  • cosmetic dermatology
  • operative dermatology
  • acne therapy


  • as general practitioner and emergency physician  in Vienna and South Africa
  • as doctor of dermatology and venereal diseases in Vienna
  • one-year fellowship in dermatological laser surgery at Harvard University
  • numerous scientific publications
  • senior physician in the department of dermatology  at SMZ Ost-Donauspital in Vienna, with  special emphasis on operative dermatology.
  • member of numerous national and international medical and scientific organizations
  • research prize of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery